Ask Any Question about Hearing Loss or Hearing Aids

collageDo you have a question about hearing loss or hearing aids? I will be glad to answer your questions and address your concerns.

As a result, you may become more effective in choosing and working with a hearing professional and experience greater satisfaction with the results.

Subjects I am happy to address include:

•  Determining whether you have a hearing loss

•  Sudden hearing loss

•  Hearing loss prevention

•  Diet and hearing loss

•  Hearing aid models

•  Proper hearing aid fittings

•  Second opinions regarding hearing loss or hearing aid fittings

•  “Invisible” hearing aids

•  New hearing aid technology

•  Extended wear hearing aids

•  Assistive listening devices (telephone amplifiers, etc.)

•  Tinnitus and hearing loss

•  Profound hearing loss and deafness

•  How to choose a hearing professional

•  What you should expect from your hearing professional?

•  When should you see an ENT first– when is it not necessary?

•  Realistic expectations of hearing instruments

•  Capabilities of the latest hearing aid models versus those of a few years ago

•  How often should you buy hearing aids?

•  What is the best hearing aid?

•  Who are the best hearing aid manufacturers?

•  “Budget-friendly” hearing aids versus top-of-the-line models

•  Hearing aid do’s and don’ts (taking proper care of hearing aids)

This is just a partial list. Feel free to address anything with me concerning hearing loss and hearing instruments.

I look forward to your questions and comments!

Jeff Grama, MA, Audiologist

All material on this website is Copyright © 2013, Hearing Aid Services of Hollywood. All rights reserved. No portion of this blog may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means (including e-mail or fax), without written permission from Jeff Grama, MA. Advice provided on this blog does not constitute any contract or  guarantee. Information on this site, as well as questions and our responses, are based on our professional opinion. We are not responsible for the services delivered or the outcome received from other hearing professionals. 

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