Articles and Information on Hearing

November 2, 2016

Untreated Hearing Loss: The impact of hearing loss extends beyond communication problems. People with untreated hearing loss have a lower quality of life that may affect their emotional, social and even their physical well-being. Read more

Take These Steps Before Purchasing Hearing Aids: Unfortunately, not every hearing professional chooses the most appropriate hearing instruments based on their patients’ type and severity of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. All too often, hearing aids are not properly fitted and programmed. When this is the case, patients do not receive the maximum benefit the instruments were designed to deliver. What is your best solution? Read more

What is the Best Hearing Instrument? I am often asked, “What is the best hearing aid?” Honestly, this is an impossible question to answer. Every major hearing instrument manufacturer has a complete product line that can significantly improve hearing in all listening situations. Each offers a wide variety of styles and power ranges with many features and benefits. So, what is the best hearing aid? Read more…

Hearing Instruments and Brain Function: As we age, our cognitive functioning (the ability to acquire knowledge through thought, experience and the senses) slows and becomes less efficient. The trend appears to be irreversible, but studies also indicate that the pace of cognitive decline can be decreased. Read more